The Planning Commission

Important points|notes|questions planning commission ssc
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Important points|notes|questions planning commission ssc

Important points|notes|questions planning commission ssc

In 1938, the National planning commission was set-up under the chairmanship of
JL Nehru by the National Indian Congress. Its recommendations could not be
implemented because of the beginning of the second world war and changes in the
Indian political situation.

Planning Commission in India :

  • In the year 1934, Sir M.Visvesvaraya wrote a book named Planned economic for India.
  • In 1944 eight industrialists of Bombay present a well organized planned
    called the Bombay Plan.
  • In January 1950 Sri Jay Prakash Narayan presented a plan called Sarvodaya plann.
  • The planning commission was constituted on 15th March 1950 by the government of India under the chairmanship of JL Nehru, by a resolution of Union Cabinet.
  • N.D.C[National Development Concil].
  • It was established on 6th August 1952.
  • The Prime minister is the chairman of N.D.Commission

First Year Plann[1951-1956]

  • This plan was based on Harrod – Domar Model.
  • In this plan, Agriculture was to given the highest propriety.

Second Year Planning Commission[1956-1961]

  • This planning commission was based on Mahalanobis Model.
  • It gives all priority to Industry.

Third Five Year Plann[1961-1966]

  • This is one of the failure plans, due to the China war in (1962), Pakistan war in (1965),
    and also face Drought in (1965-66).
  • In 1966 the G.O.I(government of India) declared the devaluation of rupee with a view to
    increasing the exports of our country.

Forth Five Year Plann[1969-1974]

  • This plan was for Socal controls on banks.
  • 14 banks were Nationalised on 19th July 1969[paid up to Rs 50 Crore]


Fifth Five Year Plann[1974-1979]

  • The Slogan “Garabi Hatao” was included in this Planned.

Sixth Five Year Planning Commission[1980-1985]

  • NABARD(National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development) was established
    on the recommendation of B.Sivaraman Committee on 12the July 1982.
  • Visakhapatnam Steel plan, Andra Pradesh Steel plan Tamil Nadu steel plants were built.

Seventh Five Year Plann[1985-1990]

  • Food, Work, Productivity, Jawahar Rogar Jojana were launched in this Plan.

Eight Five Year Plann[1992-1997]

  • This Plan was based on Pranab Mukherjee model.
  • This Planning achieves the highest growth rate.

Ninth Five Year Plann[1997-2002]

  • H.R.D(Human Resource Development) grow with social justice and equality, agriculture, rural development, the important role of private sector.

Ten Year Plann[2002-2007]

  • Highest in the entire planning era 5 crore employment were made.

 Eleventh Year Plann[2007-2012]

  • It is designed to reduce poverty and focus on bridging the various divides that
    continue to fragment our society.

Some important Questions for competitive exams :


1. The concept of planning based on
Ans: Russian model by Joseph Stalin.

2. Who is the ex-officio Chairman of Planning Commission?
Ans: The Prime Minister

3. The Planning Commission was set up on
Ans: March 15, 1950

4. The period of the first five-year plan-
Ans: 1951-1956

5. The first five-year plan gave priority to-
Ans:  Agricultural Development.

6. Bhakra Nangal, Hirakud, and Damodar valley projects were launched on which
five-year plan?
Ans: First Five Year Plan

7. What is the period of Second Five year Plan?
Ans: 1956-61

8. In what sector the second Five Year Plan gave Importance?
Ans: Industrial Development

9. Which plan is called Industrial and Transport Plan?
Ans: Second Five Year Plan

10. National Development Council is consists of:

Ans: Members of the planning commission and Governors of the states

11. Three annual plan were launched between:
Ans: 1966 to 1969

12. The Bhilai steel plant is built up with the help of which country?
Ans: Russia

13. The Rourkela Steel Plant in Orissa was built up with the help of
Ans: Germany

14. Which plan adopted the Socialistic pattern of society at its goal?
Ans: Second Five Year Plan

15. Jawahar Rojgar Yojna was launched in:
Ans: 7th five-year plan

16.The period of Third Five Year Plan?
Ans: 1961-66

17. When was plan holiday declared?

Ans: After the third plan

Ans: The Chinese Aggression on 1962, and the
war with Pakistan in 1965

18. What is the reason for declaring a planned holiday during 1966-1969?
Ans: War with Pakistan.

19. The period of fourth Five Year Plan?
Ans: 1969-74

20. What is the objective of the fourth five-year plan?
Ans: Growth with Stability

21. Nationalisation of Banks (1969) was a major step in which five-year plan?
Ans: Fourth five-year plan

22. What is the reason for the failure of fourth Five Year Plan?
Ans: Indo Pak war in 1971

23. The period of the fifth five-year plan?
Ans: 1974-1979

24. What is the slogan of fifth Five Year Plan?
Ans: ”Garibi Hatao”. (By Indira Gandhi)

25. What is the major achievement of fifth Five Year Plan?
Ans: Self-sufficiency in food grains

26. The 20 point programmes were launched on which Five Year Plan and
by whom –
Ans: 5th Five Year Plan by Indira Gandhi

27. The fifth Five Year Plan was terminated on-
Ans: 1978 (and Launched Rottery Plans)

28. The period of Sixth Plan-
Ans: 1980-1985

29. What is the primary objective of sixth Five Year Plan?
Ans: Elimination of unemployment and poverty

30. The Schemes Like TRYSEM, IRDP, NREP, and RLEGP were introduced in
sixth Five Year Plan on what objective?
Ans: Removing Poverty

31. The period of Seventh Five Year Plan?
Ans: 1985-90

32. The period of Eighth Five Year Plan?
Ans: 1992-1997

33. What is the proposed growth rate annum of Eighth plan?
Ans: 5.6%

34. Annual growth rate achieved by the 8th plan?
Ans: 6.8%

35. The period of the Ninth plan?
Ans: 1997-2002

36. The period of the Tenth plan?
Ans: 2002-07

37. The period of the Eleventh plan?
Ans: 2007-12

38. Who is named as the father of ”Indian Planning”?
Ans: M. Visweswarayya

39. Who wrote the book ”Planned Economy of India”?
Ans: M. Visweswarayya

40. M. Visweswarayya was honored by Bharat Ratna in the year?
Ans: 1955

41. Who is the Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission of India?
Ans: Montek Singh Ahluwalia

42. Which Authority gives final approval to plan in India?
Ans: National Development Council

43. The National Development Council was set up in which year?
Ans: August 6, 1952

44. Who is the chairman of National Development Council of India?
Ans: The Prime minister of India

45. Who initiated peoples plan?
Ans: M.N. Roy

46. What is the idea of ”Peoples plan”?
Ans: Nationalisation of all agricultural production
and distribution

47. According to the 39th article of the constitution, the planning commission was only
a………………. body?
Ans: Advisory

48 …………… is the headquarters of planning commission?
Ans: Yojana Bhavan

49. Who gives the final approval to the five-year plans of India?
Ans: National Development Council (NDC)

50. Janata Government introduced the concept of …………. plan in 1978?
Ans: Rolling


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Important points|notes|questions planning commission ssc


Important points|notes|questions planning commission ssc


Important points|notes|questions planning commission ssc


Important points|notes|questions planning commission ssc



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