Important Question ( Noun )

SSC English Important Questions(NOUN)
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In this Chapter of ownboss we will See the SSC English Important Questions(NOUN) This is one of the Important Chapter for all  Competitive Exams

SSC English Important Questions(NOUN)

Set-1 Common errors


1. This kennel is / (a) made of / (b)stones and sands. /(c) no error /(d)

2. I want woods and/ (a) tins so that I may make / (b) a byre for my cows. /(c) no error /(d)

3. He has purchased / (a) many equipments / (b) for his tannery. /(c) no error /(d)

4. My servants are / (a) washing crockeries and cutleries / (b) in the scullery. /(c) no error /(d)

5. All the rices and wheats/ (a) are safe in / (b) the granary. /(c) no error /(d)

6. This draper always sells / (a) dapper drapery with adiscount / (b) on the eve of festivals. /(c) no error /(d)

7. This beautiful box / (a) is made of / (b) coppers and irons. /(c) no error /(d)

8. This holy book is made/ (a) of thick / (b) papers. /(c) no error /(d)

9. She is hungry and thirsty, / (a) so please give her some / (b) breads and milks. /(c) no error /(d)

10. Only fifty kilos / (a) of rice is available / (b) in this tin. /(c) no error /(d)


Set-2 Fill in the blanks


1. I want to purchase some study materials, so I am looking for a …….. shop.

(a) stationery (b) stationary
(c) confectionary (d) crockery

2. Please remove the …….. from this site of building demolition.

(a) debris (b) dirt
(c) filth     (d) garbage

3. This potter makes qualitative …….. and it is in great demand.

(a) pottery (b) cutlery
(c) crockery (d) drapery

4. I want …… to tie this beast.
(a) iron (b) irons
(c) copper (d) coppers

5. Please show me the legal …….. of your property.
(a) paper (b) papers
(c) work (d) works

6. Sahara is the biggest …….. of the world.
(a) sand (b) sands
(c) dessert (d) apparatus

7. In Japan, mostly houses are made of ……because of earthquake.
(a) wood (b) woods
(c) stones (d) tins

8. He has purchased a ……. to keep the rice into it.
(a) tin (b) tins
(c) golds (d) coppers

9. My servant will not wash my …… so I will wear used clothes tomorrow.
(a) drapery (b) crockery
(c) land (d) cutlery

10. He is destitute, so he has no ………
(a) money and land
(b) monies and lands
(c) money and the land
(d) money and lands


Set-3 Sentence improvement


1. There are ten furnitures in this dormitory.
(a) ten item of furniture
(b) ten items of furnitures
(c) ten items of furniture
(d) no improvement

2. My younger brother has eaten three breads this morning.
(a) three pieces of breads
(b) three piece of bread
(c) three pieces of bread
(d) no improvement

3. He has offered me a ladoo to eat.
(a) ladoo
(b) a piece of ladoo
(c) an ladoo
(d) no improvement

4. Bread and butter is not sold at this shop.
(a) are (b) has
(c) an (d) no improvement

5. Bread and butter is my favourite breakfast.
(a) are (b) were
(c) have (d) no improvement

6. The gold is a costly metal.
(a) a gold (b) the golds
(c) gold (d) no improvement

7. A gold of this mine is very pure.
(a) gold ( b) the gold
(c) golds (d) no improvement

8. Gold and silver are improvement metal.
(a) the metal (b) a metal
(c) metals (d) no improvement

9. This computer is made of qualitative machineries.
(a) machinery (b) a machinery
(c) the machinery (d) no improvement

10. He is enjoying the lunch of Ashoka hotel.
(a) lunch (b) lunches
(c) a lunch (d) no improvement


Test-1 50 Marks

Directions (1 to 5): Out of the four alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word.


(a) decay (b) improve
(c) slapdash (d) lackadaisical

(a) careless (b) spiteful
(c) heedless (d) refined

(a) curiosity (b) placidness
(c) brutality (d) animosity

(a) nastiness (b) sociability
(c) easiness (d) affability

(a) virtuous (b) imperfect
(c) flawless (d) retiring

Directions (6 to 10): Out of the four alternatives, choose
the word opposite in meaning to the given word.

(a) sanction (b) condemn
(c) authorise (d) exceed

(a) realistic (b) fictitious
(c) impractical (d) factual

(a) flippant (b) giddy
(c) serious (d) trivial

(a) prevent (b) curb
(c) encourage (d) imprison

(a) energetic (b) languid
(c) chirpy (d) spirited


Directions (11 to 15):

Four alternatives are given for the idiom/phrase Bold in the sentence. Choose the alternativewhich best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase.


11. My boss is waiting for a chance to pick a hole in my coat.
(a) to tear my coat
(b) to borrow money from me
(c) to find fault with me
(d) to withhold my salary

12. If you want to see your business prosper, every one
of you should pull your weight.
(a) use influential friends
(b) work as hard as other people
(c) enhance your company’s image
(d) remove unproductive employees

13. They have to face the music for their deeds.
(a) to enjoy a musical recital
(b) to bear the consequences
(c) to live in a pleasant atmosphere
(d) to have a difficult time

14. I think it’s time to call it a day.
(a) to conclude proceedings
(b) to initiate proceedings
(c) to work through the day
(d) None of the above.

15. I don’t think that he can put up with his insult.
(a) to accommodate (b) to adjust
(c) to understand (d) to tolerate


Directions (16 to 20): Out of the four alternatives, choose
the one which can be substituted for the given words/ sentences.



16. That which can’t be burnt
(a) Incendiary (b) Incantatory
(c) Inflammable (d) incombustible

17. Young cow that has not yet had a calf
(a) Cowlet (b) Colt
(c) Ewe (d) Heifer

18. Science dealing with bird life
(a) Zymology (b) Ornithology
(c) Etymology (d) Philology

19. One who is from 60 to 69 years old
(a) Sexton (b) septuagenarian
(c) Sexagenarian (d) Sextuplet

20. Someone who keeps bees
(a) Apiarist (b) Horticulturist
(c) Ornithologist (d) Pathologist


Directions (21 to 25): Groups of four words are given. In each group, one word is correctly spelt. Find the correctly spelt word.


21. (a) Camoflage (b) Camouflage
(c) Camoflauge(d) Camoflege

22. (a) Ambiguous (b) Ambieguous
(c) Ambegous (d) Ambigeous

23. (a) Encyclopidia (b) Encyclopedia
(c) Encyclopeedia (d) Encyclopaedia

24. (a) Renaissance (b) Renaisance
(c) Reneisance (d) Renaissence

25. (a) Expiditious (b) Expedisious
(c) Expeditous (d) Expeditious


Set-1 Common errors


1. Tie this wild animal/ (a) with iron and take it to / (b) the menagerie. /(c) no error /(d)

2. Sahara is the biggest/ (a) sand of / (b) the world. /(c) no error /(d)

3. Golds and coppers were/ (a) very common currencies / (b) in the Gupta dynasty. /(c) no error /(d)

4. These are my machineries, / (a) which I have bought from / (b) my uncle’s shop. /(c) no error /(d)

5. Please remove / (a) the dusts and dirts / (b) from this table. /(c) no error /(d)

6. He has given me / (a) three ladoos / (b) this morning. /(c) no error /(d)

7. The water is essential / (a) for all animals / (b) and plants. /(c) no error /(d)

8. The water of this reservoir / (a) is very / (b) polluted. /(c) no error /(d)

9. I have had my breakfasts/ (a) late morning/ (b) today. /(c) no error /(d)

10. The gold of this/ (a) mine is in great demand / (b) all over the world. /(c) no error /(d)

11. He found his / (a) gold ring amid/ (b) rubbles and debrises. /(c) no error /(d)


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Set-2 Fill in the blanks


1. Much … lying in the scullery to wash.
(a) pottery (b) cutlery (c) drapery (d) furniture

2. I have lost my gold ring amid the ……. of these ruins.
(a) debrise (b) apparatus (c) crockery (d) bakery

3. He has ……. , so he lives his life with high comfort.
(a) many land (b) much lands (c) several land (d) much land

4. There are many ……… in the ware house.
(a) a pieces of furniture (b) pieces of furnitures (c) pieces of furniture (d) piece of furniture

5. Gold and silver …….. important metals.
(a) is (b) am (c) are (d) has

6. Rice and fish ……….. my favourite lunch.
(a) is (b) am (c) are (d) were

7. This distillery is made of
(a) stones and bricks (b) stones and brick (c) stone and bricks (d) stone and brick

8. He has purchased five……
(a) kilos of rices (b) kilos of rice (c) kilo of rice (d) kilos of rice

9. ……. of this reservoir is polluted.
(a) the water (b) the waters (c) a water (d) water

10. This book is made of qualitative …….
(a) a paper (b) papers (c) paper (d) the paper


Set-3 Sentence improvement

1. The trees in the sands do not need many waters.
(a) much waters (b) a lot of waters
(c) much water (d) no improvement

2. Many of the breads are wasted daily due to your negligence.
(a) many pieces breads (b) many of the bread
(c) many pieces of bread (d) no improvement

3. Ten trucks full of sands have been consumed in the construction of this building.
(a) A ten trucks full of sand (b) ten truck full of sand
(c) ten trucks full of sand (d) no improvement

4. All the soils of all my fields are fertile enough to grow a good crop.
(a) all the soil, is (b) a lot of soils, are
(c) much of the soils, is (d) no improvement

5. The papers of this note book are not smooth enough.
(a) all the papers, are (b) the paper , is
(c) many pieces of papers, are (d) no improvement

6. Both the airs and waters are the essential things to live alive.
(a) both the air and waters is (b) both the air and water are
(c) both the air and water is (d) no improvement

7. Bread and butter are a good breakfast to keep us healthy.
(a) bread and butter is (b) breads and butter and
(c) bread and butter and (d) no improvement


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SSC English Important Questions(NOUN)
SSC English Important Questions(NOUN)
SSC English Important Questions(NOUN)
SSC English Important Questions(NOUN)
SSC English Important Questions(NOUN)
SSC English Important Questions(NOUN)
SSC English Important Questions(NOUN)
SSC English Important Questions(NOUN)
SSC English Important Questions(NOUN)


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