Tenses exercises Questions 

tenses exercises

tenses exercises

Tenses exercises Questions for all SSC and Other exams

This Tense exercise contains the important Questions like fill in the blanks, Odd one out, errors and many others.

Fill in the blanks with suitable words


1. When he ——— ( Come ) here, we ———– ( sleep ).

2. They ————( go ) for walk often.

3. We ———-( take ) tea in the morning generally.

4. The earth ……… round the Sun.(move)

5 Rudra ——— ( cut ) grass this time.

6. When I ———–( go ) there, I will help him.

7. As soon as he ———-( enter ) the house, the light ———( go ) off.

8. The farmer ———( purchase ) the seeds before it ————( rain ).

9. After he ———( take ) his breakfast, he went to school.

10. I read this book after I ———( return) from the market.

11. I wish I ———( take ) this medicine.

12. I……… from Mumbai last night. (return)

13. They ———( prepare ) for exams for two years.

Practice Set of Tense/Verb

14. They ran away because of they ….. afraid. (be)

15. It………… since morning. (rain)

16. The children ————( make ) a noise for the last ten minutes.

17. He said that he ———–( not tell ) a lie.

18. He behaves as if he ———-( be ) a king.

19. If he ———–( work ) hard, he would have passed.

20. If you ————( invite ) me, I would certainly come.

21. If she ————( start ) now, she will complete the task in time.

22. India ———–( get) freedom in 1947.

23. They ————( kill ) the snake yesterday.

24. Would that we ————-( be) all birds!

25. Would that I ———–( know ) him!

26. ——— you ———( focus) on your studies, you could have got admission.

27. He ———–( take ) tea yet.

28. We ———–( do ) already our task.

29. They often…… to see my father. (come)

30. At present the children……..in the garden. (play)



1. came, were sleeping 2. go 3.take 4.moves 5. is cutting 6. go 7. entered, went
8. had purchased, rained 9. had taken 10. will have returned 11. took 12.returned
13. have been preparing 14. were 15.has been raining 16. have been making 17. would not 18. were 19 had worked 20. invited 21. starts  22. got 23. killed 24. were 25. knew 26. had focused 27. has not taken 28. have already done 29. come 30. are playing


Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word.

I…..(i)[arrive] I Kashmir in the middle of July last year.
I…..(ii)[tell] that Kashmir is …….(iii)[cover] in fog all
the year round, So I …..(iv)[be] quite surprised to find
that it was merely raining. I…..(v)[ask] another passenger
about the fog and he…..(vi)[say] that there…..(vii)[not be]
any since Friday. I thought that I….(viii)[come] at quite the
wrong timeAnswers:(i) arrived
(ii) was told
(iii) covered
(iv) was
(v) asked
(vi) said
(vii) had not been
(viii) had come


These questions of tenses exercises will help you to gain your speed and also makes your concept clear about tenses


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